Dallas, Texas, United States


Defining Success is a Personal Matter

I am Tresa (rhymes with Lisa) Chambers. I am a published writer, marketer and inventor whose 30-year career has focused on helping people and brands identify the best strategies and platforms to launch their ideas and accomplish their goals.  A first-generation college graduate, I am passionate about encouraging and supporting those who thrive on NOT fitting in -- not because they don't have the talents and skills -- but because they know that there's another way. They've grown accustomed to taking a different approach, defining their own path to success. 

We Will Work Well Together If You:

  • Are ready to take an honest look at where you are in your venture 
  • Are able to focus on planning and the long-term instead of short-term tactics
  • Are willing to leave the "theys" at the door and trust yourself to make the best decisions for yourself.

If Not Now, Then When?

You've come this far. It's time to go to the next level.