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Strategic Brand & Publishing Consulting

Every creative entrepreneur or author wants to have access to the people and places that put them in direct contact with the clients or customers who want (or need) what they offer. But even if you are in the same business, you require a strategy based on your personal goals and preferences. You may be too busy, too scared (introverts), or too remote to take an approach that someone with different priorities or a different personality type may use. You may have even achieved a certain level of success, but NOW YOU WANT MUCH MORE!

In order to achieve the next level of success, you need a strategic action plan

Working together 1-on-1 or with your leadership team, I guide you through simple steps that allow you to define your true target audience and develop and execute a road map that will connect at the right place and time every time.

Artist showcase at Microsoft Store in Miami, Florida

Get in front of the right audience for your business.

About Me


As a trailblazer who has walked a nontraditional path, I get especially excited about helping others achieve and succeed on their own terms 

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